Reclame Rakkers zijn Steven de Vreese art director en Robin Dhondt copywriter.

Als freelance creative team bedenken ze concepten en ideeën die ze uitwerken tot reclame campagnes. Ze werken vaak voor een advertising agency zoals Duval Guillaume, AB creations, Flexus Advertising, Markée en in het verleden ook voor LDV United, Saatchi & Saatchi, Air, Mc Cann Erickson, TBWA, Publicis, All that Jazz, Germaine en 10 Advertising. Ze werkten op klanten als AXA bank, Sunjets, Neckermann, Thomas Cook, Carpetright, Obesitas Liga, Virgin, Antwerpen Miniatuurstad, Bobbejaanland, Mobistar, Dorsoo, Recupel, Health City, Europ Assistance, Delta Lloyd, De Standaard, Amnesty International, 11.11.11. , Alfa Romeo, Poëzie Centrum, Voetbalmagazine, FUN, Senior Self Defence Accademy, Ecover, Red Bull, Campina, Stad Antwerpen, VLAM, TMF enz...

Steven de Vreese, art director

An art director in advertising by day, a sexual tyrannosaur by night... Steven walks this world as if it was his own making. He's an acclaimed logo-doctor and all round graphic designer since 1997 with a critical eye and a steady drawing-hand, which he also uses to smack Robin in the face... or worse.

Robin Dhondt, copywriter

Previous to his adventures in advertising, the creature known as 'Robin' took the identities of a cellphone-salesman, a steelworker and even a television journalist. Still wanted by the ninja-clan that raised him, he survives as a copywriter since 1999, armed with only a pen. Painting his words rather than writing them, there's no telling if this guy is a poet... or an idiot.


Don't let this website fool ya: Reclamerakkers ARE a professional freelance creative team.
We 'd better be: we've been creating ads, commercials, posters, strategies, concepts and advertising campaigns since 1997!
It just so happens that along the way we found out that ideas come easier when you're having fun.
So we try hard not to take anything too seriously... except for the briefing or assignment you give us of course.
Feel free to have a look at our work to see what we're all about. Or just give us a shout.

Je vindt hen op of je belt hen gewoon op 0486 33 32 32 of op 0475 430 520

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